Detailed Explanation of MATLAB Windows Environment With Eight Windows


Every MATLAB student and learners must aware of MATLAB windows in the module, which are basically hidden due to nonfunctioning usage but indirectly which is most useful in every step of code building process.

Mathwork product MATLAB software module has eight working windows, which are listed below in details.

  • Command Window
  • Editor Window
  • Figure Window
  • Work Space Window
  • Command History Window
  • Launchpad Window
  • Help Window
  • Command Directory Window


  • Editor Window
  • Command Window
  • Figure Window or Output Response Window
  • WorkSpace Window

MATLAB eight windows


Each usage and function of different from other in MATLAB environment, the function of each window provides extreme output results using available tool boxes.

Editor Window:

The widely used window in MATLAB environment for creating, editing and building programming code, editor window located in file menu option (with .m extension).

The showing MATLAB code is a basic Continuous signal generation using plot command, if you want to see in discrete format use”stem” command.:

%program to generate sine wave

inputp= input(‘enter the frequency in hertz of the sine wave’); 

ylabel (‘Amplitude’);
xlabel (‘Time Index’);
TITLE (‘Sine wave’);

MATLAB Sine wave code output response

Command Window:

The command window helps to check errors including syntax, logical, code-logic and code-thread related errors, we can fix those error by applying different methodologies of different programming methodologies.

These errors display in red color by showing code lines and reason of an error in detailed information. So that we can fix as per error-description.

Figure Window:

The figure window also called as result window or output response window, it displays all waveforms in terms of graphical waves (both Continuous and discrete format). a coder can easily understand the code output. If any results in text format, which are displayed in command window simultaneously after execution of MATLAB code.

Help Window Techniques

Workspace Widow:

The workspace window reveals complete parameters of code, which are using in code/program, it stored in Microsoft Excel (MS_Excel) format and shows exact parameters with values.

Example: Any normal image has RGB colors with estimated values, as the same way, we can reveal complete backend information of any Images and Videos. This technic very useful in Image and Video Processing methodology.

Command History Window:

The Command History Window (CH Window) store program/code output and syntax errors history in it, when ever we miss anything, we can access all those data from CH window.

LaunchPad Window:

Basically, launch pad window has a lot of examples and demos of completed projects, which are stored by Mathworks itself, anyone can access all the stored project data from here and you can google it for more details about stored projects. Access this window from Start button in MATLAB software module, located bottom left side.

Help Window:

We can simply say that “Help window is provides installed and unknown keywords meanings”. access help window option from help menu which is located in above menu bar.

MATLAB Help Window

Last Window is,

Command Directory Window:

Here we can access complete project info stored path, it always shows the storage project path location.

How to Download MATLAB Software:

MATLAB Downloads

Download MATLAB Software-Latest Version


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