How MATLAB Works – Basic Function Features in Details


MATLAB is a programming language formed from MATrix LABoratory developed by Mathworks under Matrix programming language using linear algebra programming techniques. It runs with simple Signal processing toolbox like signals addition, multiplications, divide and removal of noise.

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A MATLAB User can do any type of Matrix functions with a bunch of examples. It helps to remove noise and tracking objects while using Image and video processing tools. The most commonly used tools are in MATLAB, especially in colleges and university level.

MATLAB has following basic parameters on Programming:

  • Operators
  • Variables
  • Commands
  • Functions
  • loops
  • vectors
  • arrays
  • Numbers
  • strings
  • Data Import and Export
  • Image/object tracking
  • Face tracking or face detection
  • plotting
  • graphics
  • GUI
  • Numerical methods
  • Differentials
  • Integrations.

and many more fields which are applicable in it. 

MATLAB so easy as compared to C Language, if you aware of basic knowledge on C Language then no need to learn any other language to learn MATLAB, just you need to aware of How to do Code.

How Many Windows in MATLAB Software:

Basically, it has eight windows to complete the MATLAB work but mostly we finish the work in three popular/frequent used Windows only.

Mostly Used Windows are:

  1. Editor Window
  2. Command Window (Logical Window)
  3. Figure Window (Output Response Window)

Other eight windows are will be explained in next post.

As we know, The Editor window will be used for writing the program/modifying the code or implementing code, Command window used for checking program parameters “How they are working”, it helps to fetch correct code keywords/syntax in the program. Last one Figure window which also called Output response window used to check output after the coding part, it helps to modify the code as per output requirements.

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