MATLAB Online Class #1: Fundamentals of MATLAB Operators


MATLAB Operator is the main symbol which helps to compile the program or written code and it is a mathematical or logical manipulation and  MATLAB operators work both on scalar and non-scalar data. Operators are the main source of MATLAB code, we cannot expect any program without MATLAB Operators.

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Mathematical Expression logic or Any written Logic Code
  • Logical Operators
  • Bitwise Operations
  • Set Operations

Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic operators allow both Matrix arithmetic operations, Array arithmetic operations and any assumed written mathematical logical expression or logical data. When we talk about Matrix arithmetic operations are same as defined in linear algebra. This Linear algebra can possible with 1-Dimensional and 2- Dimensional arrays.

Whats Is Arrays Operators:

An Array is a Collection of similar data type elements and separated by dot Command (.). These got command used in logical expression separation purpose.

Let’s Look Into MATLAB Operators :

  • /   = Slash or matrix right division
  • \   = BackSlash or matrix right division
  • .    = Dot
  • =  = Equal to
  • >  = Greater than 
  • <  = Less than
  • +   = Addition (Plus Symbol)
  • –   = Subtraction (Minus symbol)
  • _  = Hypen 
  • (   = Open Bracket left side
  • )   = Open Bracket Right side
  • [   = Close Bracket left side
  • ]   = Close Bracket Right side
  • {   = Logical Matrix left side
  • }    = Logical Matrix right side
  • &   = AND Operation
  • *  + Multiplication
  • ^  = Matrix power. X^k is X to the power k
  • ‘   = Matrix transpose
  • ;  = End of Logical expression 
  • :  : Coloun used in time period separation.

An Arithmetic Operators also used in any assumed logical expression, for example; if you have written an own logical mathematical expression or equation. (It is commonly used in Pre and Final Projects in Graduation and post graduation courses) 

Even, creating new algorithm also used assumed logical equations only, Just Assume a logic and think whether it is executable or not, once you complete any assumed logical equation then text on MATLAB editor window by assumed parameter values and get sampled output values.

This is the way to understand the Arithmetic Operators function and their usage.

Next MATLAB Operators – TO Be Continued….. Stay Tuned MATLAB


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